Vegetarians and Vegans Win Big with Meal Delivery Services

Rachel Rumbelow

May 06 2021

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Eating healthy is important. Nobody knows that more than vegans and vegetarians. They put in the effort to be healthy and eat with certain priorities in mind. With the advent of meal delivery services, keeping up with a vegetarian or vegan diet is easier than ever. Read on to find out why the best vegetarian meal delivery services make it a snap to prepare these kinds of meals.

Vegetarian and vegan diets: the basics

Odds are that if you’re already participating in this type of lifestyle, you know the difference between the two. For those who don’t, it’s not as confusing as it might seem.

Both diets eliminate meat, but most vegetarians still eat eggs and dairy. That’s not exactly set in stone, though. There are also other variations of vegetarians that either eat eggs but not dairy or dairy but not eggs.

Vegans don’t eat anything made with animal products. Some people are surprised to find out that this even includes honey and gelatin. Bees produce honey, so it’s off the food list for vegans. Instead, they look to other sweet plant-based alternatives like stevia. Gelatin contains collagen from animal body parts, so even a dessert like Jello isn’t an option for vegans.

Did you know?

People often think that vegetarians eat fish, but they do not. Fish is a big no-no for all vegetarian meals. A person who eats fish but no other meat is called a pescatarian. There is also something called a pollo-vegetarian. This is a vegetarian who does not eat red meat, most white meat, or fish but who will eat chicken.

Plant-based popularity

Vegetarians and vegans are more prevalent than ever in today’s society. There’s a very good reason for that. The incredible benefits that both diets offer are hard to deny.

When done correctly, both vegan meals and vegetarian meals offer more fiber, antioxidants, and other important nutrients than meat-centered meals. More grains and vegetables to make up for the lack of meat and other animal products create a superior mix of vitamins and minerals.

People call this type of diet “clean eating” because seeds, grain, and plants are the cleanest form of nutrition there is. A vegan diet has even been shown to help fight diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Vegetarians and Vegans Win Big with Meal Delivery Services

One of the biggest reasons people switch over is to try to lose weight. Many people believe vegans and vegetarians usually weigh less than the average person. People who switch to these ways of eating usually stick with them once they’ve achieved their weight goals. This is probably because of the superior nutrition these diets offer them. It makes them feel and perform better.

Let’s take a look at some of the best vegetarian meal delivery services and best vegan meal delivery services available today.

Best vegan & best vegetarian meal delivery services

It used to be that it was difficult to find a meal delivery service that offered a variety of filling and delicious vegetarian choices. (We won’t even talk about how difficult it was to find vegan choices!) In the last few years, that’s changed a lot. Many of the meal services available have a plethora of choices for every lifestyle and diet.

It’s great to have so many choices, but the one downside is then having to choose! Don’t worry, we’ve been through them all, and our picks for the best vegan and vegetarian meal delivery services will not disappoint.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is a top-shelf meal delivery service that offers delicious options for both vegetarian meals and vegan meals alike. They offer plant-based proteins filled with nutrients and clean eating for people who want to be healthy but have trouble finding the time to cook healthy meals.

What sets Sun Basket apart is that their experienced chefs also incorporate nutritionists’ input into all of their meal planning. They’re a USDA-certified organic company that only uses high-quality ingredients.

Their number one focus is clean eating, so you can rest assured that you’re only cutting time and not nutrition when you order from them. It doesn’t hurt that their head chef was actually on Top Chef and knows a thing or two about award-winning food.

Vegetarians and Vegans Win Big with Meal Delivery Services

Home Chef

Home Chef is one of the best vegetarian meal delivery services around. They offer a wider variety of tasty vegetarian recipes from their world-class chefs than most other services. They also let you include healthy and refreshing add ons like smoothies and fresh fruit baskets.

With $80 off your first four orders, it’s hard not to give it a try. They also use eco-friendly packaging. The best part is that some of the recipes can be prepared in five minutes!

Another bonus of Home Chef is that you have the flexibility to skip a week. This is perfect for when you go on vacation or have a slow week where you decide you want to shop and cook on your own.

Don’t forget to check out the chefs’ tips on the menu portion of their site. You can also find recipes and future meal options, as their menu is carefully planned weeks in advance.



As you can see, vegetarianism and veganism lifestyles don’t have to take so much time out of your busy schedule. There are many quality meal delivery services available to help you easily make delicious vegetarian meals or vegan meals. Your biggest complaint will go from shopping and chopping for hours to wondering what to do with all your free time! Your body will thank you knowing that vegetarians and vegans win big with meal delivery services.

*The information in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice. You are advised to consult your physician, nutrition or other qualified health provider before consuming any meal or beginning any dietary program.. The information is not intended to be relied upon for medical treatment, recommended diet or diagnosis. Reliance upon any opinion or advice provided is at your own risk

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