Low-Carb Keto Meal Delivery

Why use a meal delivery service?

Families today are busier than ever before. On top of all the stress that comes with work and other daily activities, people are starved for time relaxing with friends and family.

In the midst of this, it can be difficult to find time to shop for groceries, often leading people to settle for quicker, less healthy options. A meal delivery service, especially if you follow a keto diet meal plan, is a wonderful way to find healthy, affordable dinner options that let you spend more time around the table with your loved ones instead of running errands.

What is a meal delivery service?

A meal delivery service specializes in delivering preplanned meals to your home, allowing you to plan your menu ahead of time without any added effort. Meal delivery services let you make specifications according to your diet and preferences. You can also specify how many people each meal will need to feed, giving you flexibility for when company comes over.

Your meal will arrive on your doorstep ready to be prepared with an easy-to-use recipe. You’ll have the benefits of a home-cooked meal without the hassle of menu planning, combing through cookbooks, finding ingredients, and cutting into your already-packed schedule.

Meal delivery services are especially helpful for those trying to follow a special diet, like a ketogenic meal plan, since they often provide premade diet-friendly menus. There are even specific keto meal delivery options for those who like premade menus.

What are the benefits of a meal delivery service?

One of the top benefits of a meal delivery service is that it is a huge time saver. With meal kits delivered to your door, you can cut out the need for long hours of grocery shopping, making lists, commuting, and preparing recipes from scratch.

On top of saving time and effort, you can also make delicious meals quickly, removing the temptation for unhealthy fast food or expensive takeout. Eating out less means more money in your pocket and healthier food on your table. You also do not have to worry about planning meals, since meal delivery services offer easy online menus to choose from.

Using a meal delivery service also helps cut down on food waste, since you will always have the right amount of food for the people who will be at your table that night.

Lastly, since meal delivery services are designed to suit your needs and preferences, you can construct a delicious personalized menu that suits you and your family, whether you have a house full of picky eaters or a special diet plan.

keto diet

What is a keto diet meal plan?

The ketogenic diet (keto diet), before it became the latest fad diet, was a medical diet intended for children with severe seizure disorders. It was developed by a researcher in the 1920s, and it works by shifting the body from a carbohydrate-based metabolism to fat-based metabolism. The body much prefers a carbohydrate-based metabolism — glucose is the body’s, and particularly the brain’s, main source of energy. It is only used as a therapeutic diet when other medical treatments have failed to manage these children’s seizures.

Children who are placed on the ketogenic diet must be closely followed by specialists, with labs routinely being monitored to ensure the children are at a therapeutic level of ketosis. Both urine and blood are checked regularly to make sure that their seizures are controlled without going too far into ketosis, which is very dangerous and can even lead to death.

When most adults refer to a ketogenic or keto diet, they simply mean a low-carbohydrate diet — not the medical version of the keto diet — and rarely enter ketosis. Common dietary sources of carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, legumes, whole grains, and of course, refined grains and sugars as well. Limiting and avoiding these types of foods make it more difficult to get nutrients such as calcium, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and numerous other vitamins and minerals in the diet. Typically, people on a non-medical keto diet eat a large amount of protein and fat (such as meat and oils) with the belief that this will cause them to lose weight.

While following such a restrictive diet, adults may be able to lose weight if they are eating less food and in particular, less high-calorie processed food items. While your body goes through its glucose energy reserves without replacing with more carbohydrates, your body then moves on to the storage form of carbohydrates in the body: glycogen. Glycogen is a branched polymer that also holds water, which can be quite heavy. When glycogen is utilized for fuel in the early days of a low carbohydrate diet, the individual may be excited by the sudden loss of water weight and feel encouraged to continue the diet.  As long as people do not eat an excessive amount of calories from protein and fat at the same time, they could continue to lose weight while following this plan.

keto diet

Using a meal delivery service while following a ketogenic diet meal plan

It should first be noted that keto meal plans that are offered by meal delivery services are not appropriate for children needing a medical ketogenic diet.

You may or may not lose weight on a keto diet from a meal kit delivery service, however, it certainly makes meal planning easier. Many meal delivery brands make it a point to offer keto meal delivery or keto-friendly meal options and even include ways to help you streamline menu choices according to the foods you like and need. Some meal delivery services even specifically offer keto meal kits to make it easier to cook simple, healthy, and delicious low-carb meals.

Meal delivery services let you design a menu that fits in with your diet goals without cutting back on taste. Having keto-friendly meal options not only saves you time and effort but also makes sticking to your diet convenient and exciting. Keto meal delivery is an easier way to follow a low-carb diet without the need to plan out menus, find ingredients, or cook completely from scratch after a long, busy day. This is a fantastic way to save time, effort, and money.

Brands that offer keto-friendly meals

When looking at keto-friendly meal delivery service, it is important to keep in mind that not all services are created equal. Different brands specialize in different options, and certain names make it easier to follow a keto diet plan.

  • Green Chef has a number of meal plans to choose from, including a keto plan. Most of their ingredients are also USDA-certified organic.
  • Sun Basket does not offer specifically keto-friendly menus but features plenty of high protein options. The prepared meal kits cater to a variety of diets and preferences and offer a great deal of protein and vegetable options, which is great news for keto followers. Their Carb-Conscious plan offers 25-35 g of net carbohydrates per meal.
  • Dinnerly is another excellent choice if you are looking for low-carb choices. You can choose the recipes you want to include, some of which are labeled low-carb.

A meal delivery service is a terrific choice for anyone looking for an easier way to prepare dinner, especially for those following a ketogenic meal plan, whether they are new followers or old fans.

*The information in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice. You are advised to consult your physician, nutrition or other qualified health provider before consuming any meal or beginning any dietary program.. The information is not intended to be relied upon for medical treatment, recommended diet or diagnosis. Reliance upon any opinion or advice provided is at your own risk

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