Mindful Chef UK Review

flag Quality nutritious meals to your door
  • Healthy recipes to suit a variety of diets

  • Fresh ingredients to your door

  • Ethically sourced meals designed to reduce waste

  • Pick between 20 recipes weekly

Pros & Cons

  • Generous first-time discounts are available
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time
  • All suppliers are clearly listed on the site
  • An intuitive website that’s easy to use
  • The customer support is responsive
  • Individual deals are more expensive
  • No live chat support is available

Plans & Pricing

The critical thing is that Mindful Chef doesn’t bind you to a subscription deal. Once you sign up for On the Menu deals, you can cancel at any time.

Here is how the website works – you choose the date of delivery and check out the available recipe for that day. The platform ensures there are 20 different meals every week. You can pick from two to five options to be delivered on the desired date.

The price varies, and family deals offer far more value. If you consider that all ingredients are healthy and come from premium local sources to your doorstep, that justifies the price.

1-person box
£9 per portion
2-person box
£7 per portion
4-person box
£6 per portion


Mindful Chef started its journey in 2015. It was launched by three friends who wanted the entire United Kingdom to have simple access to healthy local produce. Today, this meal delivery business has numerous satisfied customers throughout the UK. Check out our Mindful Chef review to learn more about the business!


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    9 /10
  • "Ease of USe"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    8 /10

Special Features

Mindful Chef will deliver a precise amount of ingredients to minimize food waste. They also ensure each recipe has from 450 to 650 calories per serving. And here is what else you can expect when using this platform!

Ease of Use

The website is intuitive, and you’ll feel comfortable using it immediately. You can browse available recipes in different categories and also those listed for a specific date. The ordering process takes only four steps, and major credit cards are among the available payment methods.

Once you register, you’ll appreciate the personal account profile. You can manage your orders weeks ahead of that section. The overall concept is incredibly time-saving since you can place orders and don’t worry about what you’ll eat for weeks. It’s great that Mindful Chef can deliver ingredients but also frozen meals, which can be an additional timesaver. And there is no mandatory subscription because you can cancel anytime.


Mindful Chef lists every supplier on their website. They are proud of the fact that they work with family-run farms throughout Great Britain. The company partnered with more than 40 supplies for meat and fish, vegetables, and other products. Their primary priority is sourcing responsibly and ethically. The company believes this is a sustainable approach that ensures customers will always have high-quality products available.

Variety of Food

While ordering, you can choose healthy recipe boxes that combine everything you need for a meal. You can choose standard and family sizes and also go with vegan options.

Here is an overview of the options available at Mindful Chef:

1. Recipe boxes. You get premium ingredients and simple instructions on how to prepare the food. The choices go from meat and fish to vegan boxes.

2. Frozen-ready meals. This approach doesn’t require any cooking but merely heating up the dish. It depends on the week, but you can choose from fish pies, cod curries, beef and lamb dishes, etc.

3. Breakfasts and smoothies. If you are a muesli fan, you’ll appreciate the gut-healthy breakfast options. Smoothies are a great morning choice, and they can serve as a snack, too.

4. Soups and broths. The healthy options go from classic beef bone broths to tomato and lentil soups.

5. Desserts. The platform admits these are healthy-ish options, so make sure to choose them carefully.

Food Allergies

Mindful Chef offers 20 recipes every week. That gives you enough room to pick the meals that suit your taste but also meet your potential allergy requirements.

The company guarantees the following:

1. They will always use free-range chicken for the recipe.

2. Everything is 100% dairy-free.

3. All recipes are free from gluten.

Final Word

Mindful Chef offers a unique concept focused on a healthy lifestyle. The company took meal delivery to the next step by using strict gluten and dairy-free approach. You can pick between 20 different recipes every week, which ensures you’ll find at least some that fit your diet and preference.

The company works with family-run farms and carefully chosen suppliers. From free-range chicken to fresh local vegetables, you can always count on healthy meals and ingredients delivered to your doorstep. The first order discount is generous, so you can try the service at a low cost. There’s no mandatory subscription, which means you can use the service as you see fit. Overall, Mindful Chef is worth trying if you’d like to switch to a healthy lifestyle, but your schedule seems too busy. Thanks to this platform, you’ll save time and eat more healthily!

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