Take Your Dinner Game to the Next Level with Vegan Meal Delivery Services

For many people, dinner is an ordeal. Between planning the week’s meals and grocery shopping, the preparation involved is just another stress to add to the list, especially when you’ve got multiple mouths to feed and a busy schedule. Subscribing to a weekly vegan meal delivery service, for example, can take the pressure of planning and shopping off your hands, making the end of the day that much more enjoyable for you. However big your family may be or whatever diet you follow, there are options to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

How meal delivery services work

Meal delivery services are completely changing the way people think about dinner. Companies like Plated, Dinnerly, and Home Chef do all the planning for you, offering new recipes each week and delivering the ingredients you need, pre-measured and ready-to-go, straight to your door. You can even customize your meal plans to your diet, so whether you’re looking for vegan options or gluten-free recipes, there’s something for everyone. Just choose the number of people in your household, how many meals per week you’d like delivered, and pick your recipes. They’ll be at your door in no time.

Who is meal delivery for?

It’s for everyone! Meal delivery plans are customizable and can suit any kind of household. Choose between smaller meal plans for 1-2 people or larger ones for 3-4 people. Meal delivery plans are the perfect option for busy parents, couples, or anyone looking to keep their dinners healthy, balanced, and interesting. These meal plans will bring smiling faces to the table night after night.

Meal delivery makes cooking fun

Say goodbye to boring dinners. Cooking is a great way to get creative, but at the end of a long day, it’s hard to be inspired. When you subscribe to a meal delivery service like Plated or Martha & Marley Spoon, you’ll get easy-to-follow recipes for dishes you never imagined you’d be able to make, like sweet and savory apricot-glazed cod, vegan-friendly cauliflower and chickpea tikka masala, or restaurant-worthy butter-basted chicken. It’s a fun way to add a dash of creativity to your day and make something you’ll be proud to share with your loved ones.

If cooking has never come easily to you, no worries! Most meal delivery services come with extra resources, like mobile applications and YouTube channels where professionals break down tricky cooking skills and guide you through recipes with ease.

Organic and sustainable produce to ensure a healthy household

For health-conscious consumers, planning meals and grocery shopping can be a difficult and often costly endeavor. Not everyone has access to organic, sustainable products, and when they do, they are usually significantly more expensive. For as little as $5.99 per person, subscribing to a meal delivery service is a reliable way to make sure you and your loved ones are eating right. With products sourced nation-wide, you’ll also gain access to a wide variety of organic produce that you wouldn’t be able to find at your local farmer’s market. Services like Home Chef and Sun Basket even guarantee their recipes to be 100% GMO-free.

Stick to your diet with vegan meal delivery services

Planning meals isn’t always easy for those with dietary restrictions, but certain meal delivery services are changing that. Limiting the kinds of foods you eat can make coming up with new and exciting recipes a challenge, but with a meal delivery subscription, it’s as easy as opening a box. With a rising sense of dietary-consciousness sweeping the nation, virtually every kind of diet is covered. Vegan-friendly options are easily available, as are paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and pescatarian options. If you don’t follow any specific diet, but want to make sure you are eating healthy and balanced meals, there are options for you too. You just have to find the meal delivery service that’s right for you, and we’re here to help.

Choosing the best vegan meal delivery service

We’ve broken down the top meal delivery services into easy-to-understand guides, where you can read in-depth reviews and even compare different meal plans to help you decide which is best for your needs. If you follow a vegan diet, for example, you might find that a meal delivery service like Sun Basket is the best for you. Sun Basket is simple to customize to your vegan lifestyle and delivers farm-to-table ingredients you can feel good about eating. With recipes like mushroom tostadas and miso tempeh burgers, your taste buds will thank you too. You also don’t need to feel stressed about committing to any one delivery service. Pausing your service is as easy as a click of a button, so you can try as many as you’d like until you find the service that’s right for you.

The different kinds of meal delivery services

Choosing between the different services involves more than just specifying your diet. Sure, one service may be best for vegan meal plans, and another might be best for people with nut allergies, but each service also varies in the quality of their recipes. Dinnerly and Home Chef, for example, might be better options for parents with young children, since their recipes often have fewer ingredients and can be prepared quickly – in some case, 15 minutes or less. Other services, like Plated and Martha & Marley Spoon, offer more decadent recipes for dishes you might expect to see in a restaurant. As always, the recipes are easy to follow and can be prepared quickly, but might not be suitable for children with picky palates.

Quality meals means quality time

Whether you’re catering to your dietary needs or looking for a way to make the end of your day more enjoyable, subscribing to a meal delivery service is a game-changer. There’s never been an easier and more efficient way to feed your household. With less time and stress spent in the kitchen, you’ll have more quality time to spend at the table. Feed your body and your soul by subscribing to a meal delivery service today.

If you’re ready to take your dinner game to the next level, browse our top picks for meal delivery services in the United States to make a well-informed decision and you’ll be cooking in no time!

*The information in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice. You are advised to consult your physician, nutrition or other qualified health provider before consuming any meal or beginning any dietary program.. The information is not intended to be relied upon for medical treatment, recommended diet or diagnosis. Reliance upon any opinion or advice provided is at your own risk

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